basic distro/package questions

Andres Gonzalez gonzo at
Wed Nov 26 14:51:39 MST 2008


Recently, I reinstalled Fedora 9, replacing an older Fedora 7 
installation. The Fedora 9 came from a CD entitled "Live Media for x86 

This installation seems incomplete to me--at least it does not contain 
packages that were standard in my previous Fedora 7 installation.

For example, this Fedora 9 installation does not have any of the 
developer documentation, GUI Samba configuration, or man pages for 
common C library routines (like gethostbyname() etc.)

I recognize that I can just use yum and get more packages--but I do not 
know the names for all of the packages I think I need.

My question is, is there a different Fedora CD (different for "Live 
Media??), or a different build that contains everything? What particular 
Fedora do I need to install in order to get more of the packages that 
are needed for basic software development?

In the "old days" I remember that a Red Hat installation had 2 options, 
one for workstation and the other for server. With the server 
installation you could pick what you wanted, like developer 
documentation for example.



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