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Wed Nov 26 11:35:27 MST 2008

On Tue, Nov 25, 2008 at 04:00:48PM -0700, Daniel wrote:
> There is not a "Hate" for Joe Guru (or Joe the Plumber either), but
> there is comfort in having a reputable company work on your servers

Gee, Microsoft is a reputable company....

> as opposed to a guru whose reputation is unknown. If the reputation
> of the company was unknown it would not be a good candidate either.
> If it is the job of the company to consult they will more likely
> make time for you in your time of need than an individual who has to
> schedule you in amid their primary job.

This assumes that Joe Guru is moonlighting. Some folks are independent
sole practitioners, and they will "schedule you in" according to your
priorities and those of their other clients, same as any company

> Plus, if you have a company help you and guru X from said company
> gets sick, his house burns down, or his wife has a baby, guru Y
> could help you out.  If it just Joe Guru, and that happens to him,
> you are handicapped.

Not necessarily. Back when I was a sole practitioner, I dealt with
this issue by arranging for "fail-over" with another sole
practitioner, and that worked fairly well. I've seen it work very
badly in a large company because the engineers didn't keep good
records. That's a problem regardless of the business entity.

What you described in your initial email sounded to me like a one-off
problem, with no requirement for further work. But you insist in
follow on emails that the vendor be in a position to provide on-going
support. I have no problem with that; in fact I prefer it regardless
of the side of the table I'm on. But if you want an ongoing
relationship, please say so. It helps potential vendors to decide if
they want to respond, and how to respond.

> I have contacted Guru Labs and Knowledgeblue (two "stuffy certified
> support [companies]" (ok maybe not stuffy)).  I don't hear any other
> companies being named that still exist (sorry Doran).  If you do think
> of another company let me know.

Good. What little I know of Guru Labs speaks well for them. I know
nothing of KnowledgeBlue.


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