Looking for Joe the Guru

Stephen Ward sjward at gmail.com
Wed Nov 26 10:04:06 MST 2008

We're running Windows Small Business Server 2003, which is currently hosting
Active Directory, Exchange, VPN, and some file shares.  Not only are we
bumping up against licensing limits, but the server itself is also getting
flaky (I'm not certain it isn't the hardware, but I strongly suspect
software).  So I, being the de-facto (though not entirely willing) head of
IT here, would really like to get this problem solved.  I'm obviously
interested in minimizing both time and money required, particularly in the
recurring realm.

I would really like to migrate as many of these services as possible onto a
free-er platform like, oh, say, Linux.  I'm confident that I could do it
myself (this may actually be a delusion of grandeur).  I'm not confident
that I could do it reasonably quickly or avoid significant downtime for the
rest of the folks here in the office.

Does anyone out there have the skills I need?  Or can any of you recommend
someone that does?  Let me know what other details you need.


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