Linux consulting company

Daniel teletautala at
Mon Nov 24 14:19:26 MST 2008

There is a problem with one of our servers.  Files are reverting back
to old versions.  Database records are being deleted or changed.  We
don't know why this is and can't find enough logs for this.  I have
been charged with contacting 5 companies for consulting.  Some of the
qualifications are must be certified (not certifiable) ie RHCE or
Ubuntu certified.  Must be a company with a good track record, at
least two references.  We want this company (and it can't be Joe Guru
down the street) to diagnose the problem and help verify our plan for
the future.  We want to make sure this doesn't happen again.

What company would you suggest for troubleshooting server issues and
helping prevent issues in the future.


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