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Joseph Hall joseph at
Mon Nov 24 11:54:31 MST 2008

On Mon, Nov 24, 2008 at 11:40 AM, Nicholas Leippe <nick at> wrote:
> So, back to my question, does anyone actually know for a fact?

I remember once in my more trusting years, a roommate explaining to me
that it is actually legal for certain types of employers to
descriminate based on religion. He brought up the fact that the LDS
church does this all the time. He noted that when you hear commercials
on the radio for companies that are hiring, they always make sure to
note that they are an equal-opportunity employer. If it was a legal
requirement for all companies to be equal-opportunity, why would they
have to make that distinction on air?

I honestly don't know now. I've been looking at this site:

...and I haven't found any laws so far that say, specifically, that an
organization such as the LDS church cannot legally discriminate
against job candidates based on their religion. If you were a state or
federal agency, it would totally be illegal. A religion, though?

I just got Daniel C's message while I was typing this. It seems to
support my roommate's claims so far.


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