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Bryan Sant bryan.sant at
Mon Nov 24 11:31:49 MST 2008

Senior Linux Engineer

The Family & Church History department is currently building one of
the most technologically sophisticated web applications in the world.
With multiple data centers, three petabytes of data and thousands of
servers, our aim is to reach out to families across the world in
helping them discover their family roots.

On this project we're looking for a Senior Linux Engineer who can help
us to define our overall Linux strategy and direction. This person
will be a lead engineer with responsibility to define how we configure
and use Linux on over 3,000 web, app and DB servers.  This person will
also have input on the tools that we design to automate and administer
the site.  We are looking for someone with excellent communication
skills as they will need to interact with multiple different teams in
coordination with the Linux initiatives.

Although an understanding of administration and networking principles
is critical to this position, this is not an administration position
and an excellent engineering and CS background is critical to the
candidates' success.  If this position is of interest to you please
contact us to set up an interview.

* Successful Candidate MUST have a BSCS or related degree and/or
relevant development experience (this is not a Linux administration
* Strong understanding of software design and development
* Experience with Agile software development
* In-depth operating system knowledge of Linux
* Strong understanding of networking principles and implementations
* Strong understanding of secure environments and how to create them
* Understanding of open source technologies and how to leverage those
* Ability to stay calm under fire.
* Excellent verbal and written communication skills
* Must be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints,
currently worthy of a temple recommend

If you're interested, please contact...

Brent Packer
Family Search Recruiter
(801) 240-4670
packerbw at


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