getting a terminal to STOP showing colors

Eric Wald eswald at
Tue Nov 11 17:40:32 MST 2008

On Mon, Nov 10, Lee Higginson wrote:
> Anyone know how to get a terminal to STOP showing colors.  I can unalias and
> change the /etc/DIR_COLORS to get them to stop for most things, but doing a:
> service <process> restart,  ALWAYS gives me a pretty green OK. Anyone know
> how to get that to stop?

That one probably comes from a shell function defined in a file
somewhere in /etc; start with the /etc/init.d file in question and look
through the sourced files for the part that prints the OK message.
It will probably have some funky characters around it, including either
"^[[" or "\e[" followed by numbers and a letter; just delete those.

That may need to be repeated for anything else that assumes support for
the relevant ANSI escape sequences, instead of relying on termcap.
I vaguely recall a Tetris clone that did that, for example.
Alternatively, you could hack the terminal itself to ignore those
sequences; screen or tscreen might be able to help there.

- Eric

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