Ibex is eating my RAM

Hans Fugal hans at fugal.net
Sun Nov 9 15:17:04 MST 2008

So I upgraded my desktop to Ubuntu 8.10 and everything is hunky dory
except for the fact that something is slowly eating all my RAM. After
awhile the computer starts thrashing. After a few minutes of that, the
OOM killer comes in and starts killing things left and right, until the
system is essentially dead. At that point I have to hard reset the
machine. I've looked at the system while it was swapping and didn't see
what I'd expect.

That is, I didn't see anything using considerable RAM. No program in top
is listed as having even modest RAM allocated. Yet the free memory
continues to drop, and the swap usage continues to rise, until swap runs
out and the system comes crashing down.

Since it doesn't seem to be a program I can inspect in top, does that
mean the kernel has some kind of memory leak? How can I inspect the
memory usage of the kernel and/or find the program or module or whatever
that is eating my RAM and not returning it?

Hans Fugal ; http://hans.fugal.net

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