Today is election day!

Peter Bowen peter at
Fri Nov 7 08:51:47 MST 2008

I think Minnesota was the only state that Walter Mondale won in 1984. :)


Daniel C. wrote:
> And all these years I've been embarrassed by Minnesota's (my home
> state) politics... Then again, the patently absurd candidate actually
> won in Minnesota.
> On Tue, Nov 4, 2008 at 6:01 PM, Dan Stovall <dbstovall at> wrote:
>> Actually, I was getting at his ridiculous statement in the voter
>> handbook that was sent to everyone in utah.  Here is the quote:
>> "There is no question that Dell Schanze is different.  There are only
>> 3 people on the ballot and SUPERDELL is the only one that is NOT
>> socialist.  If you are unsure then fill your heart with love,
>> completely open your mind and pray to God earnestly.  You can't afford
>> to get this wrong and will be held accountable for your choice."
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