Today is election day!

Kyle Waters unum at
Tue Nov 4 14:18:01 MST 2008

Dan Stovall wrote:
>> If you look at his blog you'll see he has now realized he's a
>> constitutionalist not libertarian.
> So if he then votes for the Constitution party nominee for Governor,
> assuming there is one, will he be held accountable for his decision?
? ???

I don't think you understand how this works.  Only the president is 
elected by electoral college.  The governor is a direct vote.  Dell 
Schanze in a candidate for governor.  He doesn't vote for any one.  If 
he wins, he's governor.  There is no Constitution Party Candidate for 
Governor this year.  Schanze can of course change his personal party 
affiliation when ever he wants(which legally has nothing to do with 
which party he represents on the ballot).


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