Max swap size?

Stephen Ward sjward at
Thu May 29 10:12:13 MDT 2008

> Because 8GB is more than a 32bit system can address, I suppose that it
> is conceivable that too large swap could cause a crash. I would expect
> instead that the extra space would just be ignored, but maybe you've
> found an under-tested corner case.

A 64-bit system, however, should have no trouble addressing 8 GB.  Yes?

> Such frequent crashes could also be bad hardware. Bad memory, bad IO
> controller, etc. Based on the service listed, I'm going to guess that
> maybe the server could go offline for a few hours on the weekend to run
> memtest86, vendor hardware diagnostics, etc.

Thanks for the suggestion.  Now that you mention it, I'm pretty sure
some of the parts of this machine were recycled, so I wouldn't be
surprised if some of them had gone bad.


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