Looking for a reliable, simple router...

Mark Higbee mark at impactprocessing.com
Tue May 27 11:53:43 MDT 2008

Try IP COP linux on an old computer with two network cards.
Works great! It never goes down far more reliable than Linksys.
My Linksys router was always crashing so I setup an old pII 450 with IP COP.
With ipcop I have never had to reset it ever...

Kimball Larsen wrote:
> At my office, we currently have the following setup:
> DSL Modem ---> Gigabit Switch ---> RVS4000 (Linksys Router) ---> 
> Production Servers
>                     |
>                     ---------------> WRT54G (Gen 2, I believe) ---> 
> Gigabit Switch ---> Office Network  (all office computers, a storage 
> server, etc.)
> Both the WRT54G and the RVS4000 have their own public static IP 
> addresses.
> The WRT54G is running stock firmware from Linksys, and is rock solid.  
> I never have to touch it.  It handles some port forwarding, DHCP, and 
> static routing for the whole office without so much as a twitch.
> The RVS4000, on the other hand, is a pain in my hind end.  All it has 
> to do is route packets on particular ports to the prod servers - all 
> prod servers have their own private IP addresses (, 
>, etc..) - it's basically just a port forwarding box and 
> that's it.  It chokes weekly and has to be reset (and sworn at) 
> routinely.
> So, I'm looking for a small, cheap, fast, simple replacement router.
> In plunking around the intertubes, I learn that this sort of thing is 
> mostly hard to find now.  Everything comes with a wireless access 
> point, dual wan ports, redundant failover super duper intrusion 
> detection gunk, VPN connections,  and a whole host of other features I 
> just don't need.
> Here's what I DO need:
> Rock solid reliability.
> 1 Wan port to plug into my modem
> 4+ Gb Lan ports to plug into my servers (this seems to be the sticking 
> point for most routers - many do not have gigabit lan ports)
> Ability to forward ports by range, specific port number, and TCP/UDP/Both
> Rackmountable would be a bonus.
> Any suggestions?
> - Kimball
> http://www.kimballlarsen.com
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