Looking for a reliable, simple router...

Kimball Larsen kimball at kimballlarsen.com
Tue May 27 10:22:31 MDT 2008

At my office, we currently have the following setup:

DSL Modem ---> Gigabit Switch ---> RVS4000 (Linksys Router) --->  
Production Servers
					---------------> WRT54G (Gen 2, I believe) ---> Gigabit Switch --- 
 > Office Network  (all office computers, a storage server, etc.)

Both the WRT54G and the RVS4000 have their own public static IP  

The WRT54G is running stock firmware from Linksys, and is rock solid.   
I never have to touch it.  It handles some port forwarding, DHCP, and  
static routing for the whole office without so much as a twitch.

The RVS4000, on the other hand, is a pain in my hind end.  All it has  
to do is route packets on particular ports to the prod servers - all  
prod servers have their own private IP addresses (,, etc..) - it's basically just a port forwarding box and  
that's it.  It chokes weekly and has to be reset (and sworn at)  

So, I'm looking for a small, cheap, fast, simple replacement router.

In plunking around the intertubes, I learn that this sort of thing is  
mostly hard to find now.  Everything comes with a wireless access  
point, dual wan ports, redundant failover super duper intrusion  
detection gunk, VPN connections,  and a whole host of other features I  
just don't need.

Here's what I DO need:

Rock solid reliability.
1 Wan port to plug into my modem
4+ Gb Lan ports to plug into my servers (this seems to be the sticking  
point for most routers - many do not have gigabit lan ports)
Ability to forward ports by range, specific port number, and TCP/UDP/ 
Rackmountable would be a bonus.

Any suggestions?

- Kimball

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