need external dial up modem, a la usr 5686e or similar to trade or buy

Dr. Scott S. Jones scott at
Sat May 24 09:17:10 MDT 2008

I need an external modem, for just one purpose, to transmit claims to Blue

I am interested in something like this:

and am wondering if any here have anything similar, lying around, unused. It
doesn't have to be this model, or even make. I just want an external modem
with similar features, i.e., external controls, reliability. 

Again, the only reason I need this is to transmit claims to Blue Cross. They
require that I SEND the claims data over a modem link, despite the fact that
the processed claims data comes back to me over a secure web connection.
It's all due to Dinosaur Brain processing by the ones in control. 

I have a few items I'd gladly trade including a Cisco 678 modem , Serial #
FAB0521ZOG1, Cisco 678 Mode: ppp. This modem severed me very well when I had
a DSL line. 

I also have a Paradyne ReachDSL 6351 modem, from when I had DSL service with
IntegraTelecom (??). I don't need or use either of these modems, and really
need to get a DialUp modem as described above. Yeah, I can go and splurge on
a new unit from USR, but want to see first if any on the list wants to sell
or trade. 

If  you are close to Sandy, I also offer, in trade (part or full) my
services, if your back and neck are sore from being hunched over your
keyboard too long. Call me!

"If you can't afford Prevention now, how will you afford disease later?"


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