What To Back Up?

Doran L. Barton fozz at iodynamics.com
Thu May 22 00:39:57 MDT 2008

Not long ago, Kimball Larsen proclaimed...
> I have heard (and shared) differing opinions about what bits of a linux
> box really should be backed up in order to resurrect a system after
> something like catastrophic hard drive failure.
> I am curious what the consensus is here.
> In particular, I'm running an Ubuntu 7.10 box, on which I'm currently 
> backing up /etc/, /var/lib/mysql/ (customer databases are important), 
> /var/www/ (don't want to lose that webroot), and /var/vmail (user mail 
> would be bad to get hosed)

Don't forget about /var/spool/cron. :)


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