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Jonathan Duncan jonathan at
Tue May 20 23:17:17 MDT 2008

Sorry for the crosspost.

I am putting together the start of a list for  The list is  
similar to the UGAF and PLUG resource lists, but specific to PHP, of  

The list will contain all individual contractors and development  
agencies who develop with PHP.  If you are such an entity and would  
like to be listed on the UPHPU resource page, please respond to me and  
I will make sure you get on the list.  If you know of anyone who does  
freelance work in PHP who may not be on this list, please feel free to  
forward this to them so that they can have the opportunity to be on  
the list.

It is my intention to have this resource page available to those who,  
like myself, cannot or do not want to handle every client that comes  
their way.  I often get requests for side work and I usually end up  
looking through my address book.  So finally I am doing something to  
make my frequent contractor search a little quicker and hopefully it  
will be useful for others as well.

At the very least, I am looking for the following information for each  
- Name
- Web site URL
- Contact information (if it is not on your web site, something that  
you do not mind being public)


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