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Tue May 20 12:30:19 MDT 2008

On 20 May 2008, at 12:02, Michael Torrie wrote:

> I don't recall the Leopard part being in the movie.  In fact that and
> the God proof were sorely lacking I thought.  I think the God proof  
> was
> after the credits, though.
> I thought the movie was very good.  For one there's no such thing as  
> the
> canonical version of Hitchhiker's guide.  The original was the radio
> series.  Then Adams did the TV series, changing a number of details  
> and
> even adding things.  Then he wrote the books which were different  
> again.
> Finally Adams himself did the movie.  He wrote the script and even
> casted the characters before he died.  The implementation wasn't his  
> and
> did leave some things to be desired (two heads in the TV series was  
> way
> better!).  I loved the yarn scene.
> We're just left with 4 versions now of Adams' wonderfully bizarre wit
> and incredible literary imagery (The vogon ships hung in the air much
> like bricks don't).  And no wonder since the entire thing was the  
> result
> of a horrible hangover and sleeping in a field in Sweden or something!

Well put.  That puts things a bit more into perspective.

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