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Michael Torrie torriem at gmail.com
Tue May 20 12:05:11 MDT 2008

Matthew Walker wrote:
>> I thought the movie was alright.  Although, once I have read a book,
>> the movie is never better.  I think the problem with movies based on
>> books is that they try to fit a whole book, especially one like HHGTTG
>> into one movie.  There is enough content in that one book for multiple
>> movies.  This is more than obvious considering the BBC series, which,
>> while not high on graphic appeal, did an excellent job of putting as
>> much of the book into the series as they could.  So for entertainment
>> value, the movie was decent, but it certainly does not beat a good
>> digital watch.

The book was written well after the TV series actually.  The original
HHGTG is the Radio Series which I *highly* recommend.  BBC still sells
it in MP3 cd format.

> No, no, the problem with this movie is that they tried /not/ to put much of the book in
> the movie. The number of half-jokes in the movie almost exceeds the number of /lines/.
> Why in the name of all that is holy did they feel the need to repeatedly fail to include
> the brilliant punchlines to Adams' jokes?

Umm, Adams himself wrote the screenplay.  So if you want to ask about
his jokes, you'd better talk to him about it.

> </rant>
> Sorry. This movie was probably the greatest waste of a dollar in my life. It still
> bothers me if I think about it too long.

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