MediaStream for iPhone and iPod Touch

Michael Torrie torriem at
Mon May 19 10:47:19 MDT 2008

Chris Carey wrote:
> Michael, thanks for testing it. That is correct, you'll have to
> transcode mpg files to mp4 format yourself (for now). If yours are not
> working then I have to assume its a transcode error or something.

Yeah, this is no big deal right now.

> The main reason I wrote this was so I could access my own mp3
> collection from anywhere (it works great on edge). The other stuff
> that safari can handle is just an added bonus. I would like to write
> the ability to transcode from the UI eventually.  Theres not *a lot*
> of work here. It only took about 2 hours to write, and maybe 4 hours
> to package up the code, create the google code project, website, and
> youtube video.

Somehow you must be sending the file to the browser differently than you
do in the mythtv frontend.  The mythtv frontend plays my large mp4 files
no problem.  Safari sees them as a stream I guess, rather than a single
download.  You might want to change MediaStream to do the same.  It's
probably a matter of mime types or something.  Cause right now it won't
play any mp4 videos at all for me.

I haven't thought to check mp3, since I just sync those from Amarok anyway.

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