Router loosing connection

Andrew Jorgensen andrew at
Mon May 19 10:29:09 MDT 2008

On Mon, 2008-05-19 at 08:24 -0600, Lee Higginson wrote:
> I had a friend who was having the exact same problem with his WRT54G
> router.  I told him about dd-wrt so he put that on there and
> has not had any problems since with his connections dropping.  You may give
> that a try.

dd-wrt v24 was released over the weekend.

Please make sure you check the specs on your router and compare to the
size of the image you're trying to install.  Also you may have to go
through the vxworks-killer rigamarole.

For the record though: I am totally a DD-WRT convert.  I like openwrt
(and they have an awesome build system) but DD rocks my socks.

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