MediaStream for iPhone and iPod Touch

Michael Torrie torriem at
Sun May 18 23:39:30 MDT 2008

Chris Carey wrote:
> MediaStream for iPhone and iPod Touch allows you to browse your entire
> media collection from your iPhone or iPod Touch.
> The technology behind it is PHP for the backend, Smarty and CiUI for
> the frontend. It runs on Linux and is free and GPL. Have Fun!

I got it running on my system, but almost any mp4 video I try to watch,
safari complains that the file is too big.  Do you know why this would
happen.  Even a small (3 minute clip) gives me this.

Of course something else the docs aren't clear on is that this only lets
you browse media files the iPhone's playback hardware can deal with, so
you'll want to transcode things ahead of time (at least that's what
appears to be the case).

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