Updates on iProvo and Broadweave

Trixtur trixtirslists at gmail.com
Sun May 18 23:34:30 MDT 2008

Mike Lovell wrote:
> I don't know if anyone else has been trying to keep updated on iProvo 
> and Broadweave since the announcement last week or that anyone else 
> wants to be updated. But I figured I would let you all know about two 
> press releases from Broadweave about it. Here they are. (Sorry for PDF 
> links)
> http://www.broadweave.com/pdf/Broadweave_BroadweaveAcquiresVeracityEmbargoedRelease_05152008.pdf 
> http://www.broadweave.com/pdf/Broadweave_AcquiresISPsEmbargoed_05152008.pdf 
> It appears that Broadweave is buying Veracity (aka Nuvont ?) and has 
> an agreement to buy all of the iProvo customers on MStar. It really 
> does look like iProvo is going to turn in to a 'closed' network. Not 
> that it wasn't really open before considering all the hoops and crap 
> people had to go through to even attempt to get on the network. But 
> anyways. Just thought you all might like a little update.
> Mike
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    Thanks for the info. I live in provo and I am on the iProvo network 
so any information you want to pass on is appreciated.



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