[OT] - BYU Cocoa programming user's group

Michael Torrie torriem at gmail.com
Sat May 17 22:04:51 MDT 2008

While not necessarily linux-related, there is a new Cocoa user's group
that has formed on BYU campus.  If you're interested in Cocoa
programming using Cocoa on OS X or the iPhone, or GnuStep on Linux, it
might be worth checking out.  They plan to discuss using Cocoa from
languages such as Objective C, Perl, Python, and others.  Cocoa
programming is definitely not Objective C-only these days.

Here are the details:
> From: Dave DeLong <davedelong at gmail.com>
> Date: May 17, 2008 11:41:27 AM MDT
> To: cocoa-dev at lists.apple.com
> Subject: [BYUCH] Call for Cocoa Developers
> Reply-To: byu-cocoaheads at googlegroups.com
> Hi everyone,
> We are pleased to announce the formation of the first CocoaHeads
> chapter in Utah! ( http://cocoaheads.org/us/ProvoUtah )  The newly
> formed BYU CocoaHeads group is based out of Brigham Young University
> in Provo, UT.  We will be holding our first meeting on June 12th
> from 7 to 9 pm.
> For more information, including the location of the meeting, we
> invite you to visit our website at http://cocoaheads.byu.edu .
> We hope to see you there!
> Dave DeLong
> BYU CocoaHeads Club President

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