Building a custom wireless router

Nathan Blackham kemotaha at
Thu May 15 16:49:37 MDT 2008

On Thu, 2008-05-15 at 16:08 -0600, Michael Torrie wrote:
> I'm reaching the point where friends and relatives are clamoring for
> DansGuardian setups, and I find the combination of a dedicated virtual
> coLinux installation combined with a WRT54GL/OpenWRT that I have been
> installing for people is too clunky.  The WRT56GL itself just can't
> handle DansGuardian either.
> So I am looking into building/selling a unit that is a wireless router
> and a web filter.  The mass-production target would be around $100-$150,
> but maybe on a much smaller scale, folks I know would spend $150-200.
> Whether I'd ever want to be in this business is another story.  But...
> For now I'm just looking to prototype and see what I can do.  I've found
> what I want in the form of Alix boards from pcengines.  The prices have
> really fallen in recent years.  I'm looking at:
> - 400 MHz board with 256 MB RAM
> - CF storage
> - 3 ethernet ports
> - miniPCI
> - Atheros Wireless, or some other easily-supported linux-compatible chipset
> The alix3c1 or alix3c2 would fit the bill rather nicely, and are
> $120-125 a piece.  Wireless cards are around $25.  All total, should be
> just under $200.
> I'm considering buying what I need to prototype a unit, and will likely
> build off of OpenWRT as the base linux distro.
> Does anyone have experience in this and would like to comment on this?
> If this does go forward, would anyone be interested in helping develop
> the software.  Mainly openwrt web modules that can interface with
> DansGuardian, scripts to drive iptables, etc.
> Michael

Sounds like a great project.  I don't know how much help I can/would be
but you can keep me in mind.  I would test out a prototype too :)

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