Postfix Mail Server Migration

Dallin Jones squitoey at
Fri May 9 17:05:32 MDT 2008

I am looking at migrating my Postfix Mail server from one machine to
another. I have it all set up and working and I am ready to flip the
switch. One thing that I have noticed in my testing is that once I
change the IP address to the new address, the mail client doesn't
fetch any mail from the new server unless I delete the account and
create it again.

I've tried to google this, but all I can find for migrating Postfix to
a new machine, but all that comes up is how to migrate from <enter an
MTA> to Postfix.

Is there a way to get things to switch automagically, or I am I stuck
having everyone that has an email account, delete the old account and
then add it again?

Also, since the server is setup with IMAP, to copy all the messages
from machine A to machine B, should I use rsync, or is there something
else that should be used?

Dallin Jones

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