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Jason Hall jayce at lug-nut.com
Thu May 8 13:37:01 MDT 2008

For those that weren't around, a few years ago Merrill gave Plug a
great demo of Action Target's CRM tool.  All in Postgres and TCL/TK.
All their people have been using Linux for years, so if you are
looking for a job supporting a pretty wide base of Linux needs, this
might be up your alley.

And if you are a good redneck like me, what could be more fun that
working for Action Target!  Great equipment.

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From: Tom Wright <tomw at actarg.com>
Date: Thu, May 8, 2008 at 1:03 PM
Subject: IT Position at Action Target

ACTION TARGET, a Provo UT specialty manufacturer in the Homeland
Security Industry is enjoying rapid growth. We are seeking someone
with a passion for open-source software and Linux to manage our
network and IT systems.  As we are constructing a new facility, this
will also include the design and implementation of the new network

 Also available is the opportunity to assist in the maintenance and
on-going development of our in-house ERP database application written
in PostgreSQL and TCL/TK.  The system includes 14 servers and about 70
diskless workstations.

 Job Purpose and Duties:

 Maintain and improve a stable Linux platform for PostgreSQL,
OpenOffice, Mozilla, Apache, Asterisk and a wide variety of other

Configure and maintain windows desktops and laptops as necessary for
certain workstations and applications

Document and systematize the installation and configuration of server
and workstation profiles.

 Perform and maintain regular backups and ensure data integrity.

Future Opportunities:

 * Maintain and develop ERP libraries written in TCL/TK.

 * Maintain and develop ERP schemas written for PostgreSQL

 * Continuously improve existing ERP applications through user feedback.

 * Assist users by conducting training.


Hardware configuration, assembly, testing, maintenance

 Shell programming
 Open source
 Audio / Video / Multimedia
 Technical zeal and enthusiasm
 Teamwork Sincerely,

 Tom Wright
 Action Target


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