What do you use PGP/SMIME for?

Von Fugal von at fugal.net
Thu May 8 07:50:01 MDT 2008

<quote name="Nicholas Leippe" date="Wed,  7 May 2008 at 15:27 -0600">
> I'm only trying to say, that once something is 'not secure', it can't get any 
> more 'not secure'. If something has some amount of security added, then there 
> are degrees of security at that point--but it's no longer essentially plain 
> text, shouted out for all the world to hear.

I dissagree, it's always a spectrum, you simply choose to treat a
certain portion of the spectrum as one lump, but that doesn't change the
fact that there is still a spectrum there. You say DVD CSS is "insecure,
period". Well, I bet it stops some percentage of people from copying
dvds onto their computers, and that percentage is proportional to the
work, finding the software in this case.

Anyways, I think the original comparison stating email as less secure
than posting on a web page to be completely and helpfully appropriate.
It's something for people to relate to. For most people email is just so
mysterious and just works through some garfangled computer magic. People
can relate to "information posted on the internet" if only because it's
been pounded into their skulls that once it's there it can never be
taken back. The comparison is then a real eye opener to a large number
of people, and that makes it useful.

Von Fugal
Freedom is Popular
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