linux max filename length

Nicholas Leippe nick at
Wed May 7 11:15:39 MDT 2008

On Wednesday 07 May 2008, Daniel wrote:
> There isn't a place that says "number of directory entries" but there
> is a "Maximum pathname length" column.  I don't know if that is the
> same or not.

All I know is that vfat has a fairly low limit (255?) of entries per 
directory., and can fall flat on it's face quite easily.
NTFS, ext2, and reiserfs can all support fairly large numbers of entries, but 
both ext2 and NTFS can get much slower when stressed.
Reiser, seems to handle it quite well, as it uses a hash rather than a linked 
list like ext2 or whatever NTFS uses. I also seem to recall that reiser had a 
larger limit than ext2 as well.
I have no experience with JFS or XFS to say.

I have no details. I thought the namesys site at one point had a table with 
all of these, but the site is 'missing'.

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