What do you use PGP/SMIME for?

Brandon Stout bms at mscis.org
Wed May 7 09:22:20 MDT 2008

Jonathan Duncan wrote:

> On 07 May 2008, at 08:52, Brian Hawkins wrote:
>> Out of curiosity what do people on this list use secure email for?
>> Is it just to assert your identity?  Or is it for encrypting content?
>> If the latter, what kind of content are you sending that needs 
>> encrypting?
>> Is it just attachments?
>> Who are you sending it to?
> The reason I got it is so that I could send sensitive information, like 
> usernames and passwords, to other people that I work with.  But now that 
> I have it I can also use it for the other reasons that you mentioned.

And reason: So I can tell other techie geeks "ahem... I sent an 
encrypted email... and received one, too".

>> How do you get the other person to install PGP/SMIME ?
> I threaten to break their arms.  Or just ask them nicely.  Depends on 
> who I am asking.  Usually it is other technically minded people.  I 
> don't really see a big reason to get my families into encryption.  
> Although, it could not hurt.

Sometimes you can get less technical people to install an email cert 
when you tell them that sending a password by email (or any sensitive 
information) can be less secure than posting it on the internet since 
email bounces around to more servers.

Brandon Stout
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