What do you use PGP/SMIME for?

Andrew Jorgensen andrew at jorgensenfamily.us
Wed May 7 09:02:42 MDT 2008

On Wed, 2008-05-07 at 08:52 -0600, Brian Hawkins wrote:
> Out of curiosity what do people on this list use secure email for?
> Is it just to assert your identity?  Or is it for encrypting content?
> If the latter, what kind of content are you sending that needs encrypting?
> Is it just attachments?
> Who are you sending it to?

Rats, you called my bluff.  I only very rarely use either.

I did once use S/MIME to send my brother encrypted messages while
setting up a backup SMTP on his server.  He was the one who introduced
me to S/MIME.  It's not hard to get a certificate and use it.  It's only
hard to get Thawte to let you put your full name on the certificate.

> How do you get the other person to install PGP/SMIME ?

The nice thing about S/MIME is that you don't have to get the other
person to use it for them to see that your email is properly signed.
Their mail client already just works.  You don't get that with PGP.

Unless they use webmail.  Then nothing helps.

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