Provo City selling iProvo system to a private company

Andrew Jorgensen andrew at
Wed May 7 08:43:08 MDT 2008

On Tue, 2008-05-06 at 21:31 -0600, Alex Esplin wrote:
> Just some of my thoughts on the matter, but I think Provo brought
> their losses on themselves with iProvo.

My parents wouldn't switch for a few reasons:

1) They were opposed to the iProvo idea from the start.  A city should
not be running such a service on taxpayer money.  (Their opinion).

2) They got the impression somehow that they would have to switch phone
and TV at the same time (a marketing problem iProvo caused themselves).

3) Comcast and Qwest had various deals they liked.  My mom has qwest
wireless because she can have just one voicemail between the land and
mobile lines.  They like comcast because they have about a dozen TVs in
the house so going all-digital isn't an option for them.

I think if the following had happened they might have used the service:

1) iProvo had the same open policy as Utopia (or had joined Utopia).

2) It were clear to them that they could get just Internet and keep
Qwest and Comcast for phone and TV.  I tried to explain but I think they
still didn't get it.

I'm not so sure though.  I think the number one problem is change.
Comcast worked well enough for them and it got them a discount on their
cable TV.

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