Provo City selling iProvo system to a private company

Alex Esplin alex.esplin at
Tue May 6 21:31:39 MDT 2008

I hope Broadweave will be a little more clear-headed about this than
Provo was.  As I understand it, Veracity and MStar were the only ISPs
willing to jump through the hoops that Provo set forth in order to be
an ISP for iProvo.  The fact that the city has lost a lot of money on
it is 1: because it was way behind schedule in neighborhood
availability (my neighborhood finally showed up on the grid last fall)
and 2: a lot of people didn't want to switch from an ISP that they
know, or at least have some familiarity with to a relatively new one
(Veracity) or a slightly obscure one (MStar), both of which get at
least as much bad press as good.

If XMission was able to be a provider for iProvo, I would have
switched the instant I got home and found the little notice on my door
saying it was available in my neighborhood.  I don't know if
everything above is completely accurate, as it is just what I've heard
from people who looked into it more than I did (I think some of the
above came from discussions on the list).

Just some of my thoughts on the matter, but I think Provo brought
their losses on themselves with iProvo.

Alex Esplin

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