Apple Mail and Thawte vs thunderbird with Enigmail OpenPGP

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Tue May 6 11:29:06 MDT 2008

On May 6, 2008, at 8:51 AM, Jonathan Duncan wrote:

> This is all good information.  I use Apple Mail.  I have thought  
> about using PGP before but it did not seem as well supported, so I  
> went Thawte's offering.

I use Apple Mail as well, on Leopard.  GPG is still not fully  
supported, unfortunately.  You can visit the PGP for Apple's Mail home  
page at

They said on 03/24/2008

GPGMail doesn't work yet on 10.5, and can't work as-is. I'm currently  
working on the port, and published a beta version. Please subscribe to  
gpgmail-users mailing list to get informed about issues. Final release  
will come out... later. (signature)

MacTech has a good article on securing Apple Mail with GPG,

And as always there is MacGPG,

I looked into the Thwate WoT, but it seemed to complicated to get a  
simple signature validated.

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