Ubuntu Firefox Fubar

Kyle Waters unum at unum5.org
Mon May 5 14:21:21 MDT 2008

Stuart Jansen wrote:
> You wouldn't encourage work to use Fedora, you'd recommend RHEL or
> CentOS. (If you're sane.) So why recommend Ubuntu+universe when Debian
> Stable or Ubuntu LTS w/o universe is more appropriate? Perhaps you'll
> have more luck if you include what you're _not_ recommend with your
> recommendation.
Actually we do use Fedora on our desktops.  The users like to have up to 
date software.  We tried one user on ubuntu, but basic applications, 
like psi for example, did not function appropriately, and we had to 
abandon the effort.  I have never had the problems with Debian 
Unstable(been using it for over 5 years on my main personal machine) 
that I have seen with Ubuntu.


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