Ubuntu Firefox Fubar

Kyle Waters unum at unum5.org
Mon May 5 10:20:26 MDT 2008

Charles Curley wrote:
> HH comes with Firefox 3.0 Beta 5. First off, why in the name of Murphy
> did they put a beta on HH (however you expand the acronym)? Given
> Ubuntu's reputation for stability, isn't that rather silly?

I'm suprised by the statement "Given Ubuntu's reputation for stability 
".  At my work I tried to get them to use something deb based instead of 
rpm based(I'm a long time debian user), but we had to give up on ubuntu 
because a lot of mainstream desktop packages were buggy compared to 
their fedora(and debian counter parts).  Talking to other people about 
their experience I always had the impression that ubuntu moved quickly 
to make sure the newest stuff was in each version and this often led to 
a lot more buggy packages than any other distro.


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