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Charles Curley charlescurley at charlescurley.com
Sat May 3 14:47:11 MDT 2008

For those who haven't upgraded to Ubuntu Hardy Heron (or "Hungry
Hippo", as Brad Rodriguez puts it,
http://www.goodbyemicrosoft.net/news.php) yet, this may save you some

HH comes with Firefox 3.0 Beta 5. First off, why in the name of Murphy
did they put a beta on HH (however you expand the acronym)? Given
Ubuntu's reputation for stability, isn't that rather silly?

The upgrade will stomp on your existing FF 2.x installation. I used
the Alternate CD, and it gave me no option here. I also have a number
of extensions, two of which I use daily for work. Those two are broken
on 3.x, mozex and gmail notifier. I use both a lot. Also, 3.0 mungs
your extensions such that they are broken if you downgrade to

I believe the workaround is: Do *NOT* launch FF 3.0. Immediately go to
Synaptic and search on FF. Install those FF 2.0 packages that are
analogous to those FF 3 packages already on the system. Then, in a
separate operation, remove the 3.0 packages. This should leave your
.mozilla directory intact. Then make a symlink so that program
launchers can find it.

root at dragon:~# which firefox-2
root at dragon:~# cd /usr/bin/
root at dragon:/usr/bin# ln -s firefox-2 firefox
root at dragon:/usr/bin#

Note that I haven't tested this yet.

If you've already run FF 3.0, you may need to re-install your
add-ons. One thing you can do, rather drastic, is shut down FF, and

find ~/.mozilla -iname extension* | xargs rm -r

and start re-installing. That line will wipe out all your extensions.


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