Dell PowerVault

Derek Davis derek.davis at
Fri May 2 12:50:53 MDT 2008

Anyone here have experience with using a Dell PowerVault 650f in
Linux? Or any other SANs, for that matter?

We have a Dell PowerVault that we are trying to connect to a Dell
PowerEdge server running Linux, but I know basically nothing about
dealing with this type of hardware, so I've just been guessing.  I've
been running into various problems, and was wondering if there's
anyone out there who'd be willing to take some contract work to help
us get this going.  Basically, the PowerVault is plugged directly into
a QLogic card on the server, and when the PowerVault starts up
correctly, I can see the drives in Linux but can't use them because
they're 520 byte blocks.  I reformatted them to 512 and then could use
them, but the SAN hardware has been very flaky, in that sometimes it
just won't initialize to the point where I can use it, or some of the
drives will be in an error state and inaccessible. I need to be able
to reliably and regularly access the drives. This has happened on
multiple SANs, so I'm sure it's something that I'm doing wrong, but I
don't know what. We're looking for someone who can help us configure,
set up, and use the SAN devices as individual drives, not as a raid.

Please let me know if you can help, and we can work out a contract.


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