Crappy Houses

Levi Pearson levi at
Mon Jun 30 22:34:23 MDT 2008

Andy Bradford <amb-plug at> writes:
> These  are the  very  people  that need  regulations  from the  almighty
> government to help them make good decisions. :-)

Nah, they're the sort of people who've been conditioned by market
trendsetters and advertisements to want *NEW* instead of good quality.
It's consumerism at work.  

> And after  a few  years in  their home  they will  wish they  had bought
> yours.

Nah, they'll have forgotten, they'll just gripe about the problems
with their neighbors and drool over new homes the next time the Parade
of Homes comes around.  In a few years, they'll move on up to the next
level of new McMansion-style home, while old neighborhoods
deteriorate, especially the old cheap housing and, sadly the really
old quality homes that haven't had the upkeep necessary to keep them


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