Crappy Houses

Andy Bradford amb-plug at
Mon Jun 30 21:51:49 MDT 2008

Thus said Peter Bowen on Sun, 29 Jun 2008 12:52:51 PDT:

> It's interesting  from my perspective  trying to  sell a home,  that I
> "over-built" because  I was  never going  to move. I've  had a  lot of
> people stop by, and they just don't want to pay for the extras. Nobody
> cares that the A/C unit was sized for the house AND the basement.

These  are the  very  people  that need  regulations  from the  almighty
government to help them make good decisions. :-)

> Nobody cares that the lot was hand picked over a year of looking. They
> compare me with the developer built homes across the lake and say "why
> would I buy your house when I can get a new one in Saratoga Springs or
> Lehi?"

And after  a few  years in  their home  they will  wish they  had bought

> It could also be that people no longer know what to look for.

I will somewhat agree with this statement. Maybe people just need to get
burned on their first purchase before they really know what they want.

But, judging from  your pictures I would say your  McMansion is a fairly
decent one, but where are the bricks? ;-)

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