Looking for a Web application to test CPU

Steven Alligood steve at bluehost.com
Mon Jun 30 10:09:45 MDT 2008

Nathan Blackham wrote:
> I am doing my thesis on power comparison in CPU's and I am looking for a web
> application that does a lot of CPU usage.  The key is that is has to be a
> standard app that a business might use.  I have thought about a possible CMS
> package, but I am not sure what to use so I am soliciting advice.
> The test is going to be using Siege to throw a whole bunch of web requests
> at the machine and see how the CPU holds up.
> Nathan

Most apps that uses php will pound your CPU.  :)

Honestly though, anything that isn't written properly will cause you 
issues, no matter the language.  I just tend to see a lot more written 
in PHP.

As for specific ideas:

I know that PHPbb does a weird thing with indexing every word in any new 
post to it's search table, probably to try and take the hit on post 
creation rather than search, but if it gets any decent amount of posts, 
it churns mysql pretty hard trying to update it's search table.

Of course, that's mysql churning, which is fairly normal in web apps.  
Doing a bunch of mysql lookups on un-indexed columns will pound your CPU.

You could also try gallery with a bunch of photos (a couple thousand) 
and then go into the admin area and have it recreate all it's 
thumbnails. (or even have it create them on the fly while uploading them).

Or get a relatively large web log file, and run a stat package against 
it. (webalizer and awstats pound pretty hard).
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