Compilers - Am I writing one?

Levi Pearson levi at
Mon Jun 30 08:24:08 MDT 2008

Hans Fugal <hans at> writes:
> As for the dragon book, it looks like an excellent book for digging
> really deep (I haven't read it but I've perused it). But it doesn't
> look like a practical book for the modern practitioner just looking to
> get things done (it's dated now, and it spends a lot of time on things
> you won't need to worry about). I want to read it sometime.

The new edition of the dragon book, which was just released, is pretty
up-to-date, but the parsing and intermediate code phases are still
pretty classical, i.e. no packrat parsers or compiling with
continuations.  It now has example code in Java.  I think the intro
section is a pretty good overview of the traditional compiler and
associated technologies without getting bogged down in too much depth.


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