[OT] Mailing Lists: Good for argument, bad for discussion

Levi Pearson levi at cold.org
Sun Jun 29 16:25:41 MDT 2008

"Doran L. Barton" <fozz at iodynamics.com> writes:
> Similarly, I know a lot of people get drawn into online forum/BBS
> discussions. When I've been in a situation where a new discussion media is
> being proposed, I'm always advocating the creation of a mailing list
> and most others (usually less-tech-savvy) are in favor of forum
> applications. 
> Maybe someone should create a bridge between the two worlds. :)

I've seen code that provides an online form interface to an email
list.  I don't really think it'd change the nature of discussion here
much unless it acted to reduce message sizes.


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