Crappy Houses

Levi Pearson levi at
Sun Jun 29 16:08:38 MDT 2008

Peter Bowen <peter at> writes:

> It's interesting from my perspective trying to sell a home, that I
> "over-built" because I was never going to move.  I've had a lot of
> people stop by, and they just don't want to pay for the extras.
> Nobody cares that the A/C unit was sized for the house AND the
> basement.  Nobody cares that the lot was hand picked over a year of
> looking.  They compare me with the developer built homes across the
> lake and say "why would I buy your house when I can get a new one in
> Saratoga Springs or Lehi?"  As long as people would rather have a new
> house than a good house, there's going to be a problem.   It could
> also be that people no longer know what to look for.  They assume that
> a house is a house is a house - and then get upset when it isn't.

I find that aspect of the real estate market very frustrating.  Having
bought a home I could comfortably afford and since switched to a much
better paying job, I sometimes ponder doing substantial upgrades to
the house.  But then, I think back to my last experience doing that,
and how people only really seemed to care about square footage and
number of bedrooms.  Real estate agents pulled up 'comparables' based
solely on location, square feet, and bedrooms.  Level of finish detail
was more or less irrelevant to them.

I'm not sure whether this is due to real estate agents, home buyers in
general, or what, but it's sure annoying when you know you'll never
get anything near the value of your upgrades back out.


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