Crappy Houses

Peter Bowen peter at
Sun Jun 29 13:52:51 MDT 2008

It's interesting from my perspective trying to sell a home, that I 
"over-built" because I was never going to move.  I've had a lot of 
people stop by, and they just don't want to pay for the extras.  Nobody 
cares that the A/C unit was sized for the house AND the basement.  
Nobody cares that the lot was hand picked over a year of looking.  They 
compare me with the developer built homes across the lake and say "why 
would I buy your house when I can get a new one in Saratoga Springs or 
Lehi?"  As long as people would rather have a new house than a good 
house, there's going to be a problem.   It could also be that people no 
longer know what to look for.  They assume that a house is a house is a 
house - and then get upset when it isn't.

On a similar note, it's not an isolated problem (as pointed out 
earlier), I'm seeing it all over California as we look for homes.  I 
haven't seen a home between the age of 3 and ten years where the miter 
joints aren't opening up on the door moldings.  The irony is that many 
of the new homes were built on the graves of poorly built homes from the 
post-war boom.  Custom neighborhoods are no guarantee of quality either, 
as you can see which homes were built well and which were not after 40 
years or so.  The bad ones are bought for the land and torn down.  
That's going on in Orem too.

Dave's right - there's nothing like living in a well built home. :)


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