OT - Selling my non-McMansion

Peter Bowen peter at bowenfamily.org
Sun Jun 29 12:43:54 MDT 2008

Plug Friends,
    I've been relocated back to California and have to sell my home.  
I've tried to sell it over the last couple of months or so using the 
standard process, and it's not sold yet, so I'll try it here.  It was 
valued as high as $425K, but in this market, I'm asking $369.9K and 
considering all offers.  Description follows:

    It has two drops into almost every room - pretty much all drops have 
2-Cat-5 2-Cat-3 2-Coax.
    It has excellent wireless properties as I was able to get 5 bars 
everywhere in the house using my hacked WRT-54G  and then a netgear when 
my wife said that the "wireless plant" had to be downsized
    It is wired for both satellite and cable although I've been on cable 
as that made it easy for my mythTV server.
    There is a tech-cave in the basement (where else would the tech cave 
    It has a maker-sized workshop in the over-sized garage so that you 
can make stuff and still get your cars in the garage.
    It has over-sized electrical everywhere with panels in all the right 
    It has daisy-chained water heaters so that it is REALLY hard to run 
out of hot water.
    It has tubular sunlights in the master closet and laundry so that 
you can use less electricity.
    It is fully irrigated so that your plants will grow while you're on 
vacation, in the middle of a big project, or if you're just too lazy... 
er busy to remember to water the plants.
    It has a garden which is also irrigated (great for growing your own 
food and "staying off the grid", being environmentally friendly, saving 
gas picking up last minute broccoli.) ;)
    It is very low maintenance with 30 year shingles, vinyl double 
windows, vinyl fence, aluminum soffit, etc.  I just painted the deck, so 
you're covered there for a few years there.
    It has a big yard and play set, which great for getting rid of the 
kids for coding marathons, apologizing to the wife after a long coding 
session, or just getting some peace.
    It has two sheds - One is a garden shed with workbench, and the 
other is AWESOME for storing old hardware that should have been 
sold/given away a long time ago.  For marital harmony, I suggest saving 
some room for baby clothes that should have been sold/given away a long 
time ago.
    Hardwood, tile and carpet - Nobody is going to be asking you to 
replace worn out vinyl. :)
    It faces West so that house shades the back yard in the evenings - 
great for summer BBQs
    It's in PG in "Stadium Seating" - It has an awesome view!
    It is pretty close to the Lindon Tech Center, Canyon Park, and 
Riverwoods.  It also has a pretty straight shot to/from the freeway.
    There are a bunch of other computer guys in the neighborhood.  Good 
for networking, LAN parties, and commiserating.  
    There is a kitchenette and bathroom in the basement in close 
vicinity to the tech cave and server.. err utility room.
    I kept the "do-it-yourself" to a minimum leaving most of the work to 
the pros.
    I'm throwing in a home warranty for your piece of mind. (If you 
don't care, I'll pass on the savings :)
    It comes with it's own domain and wiki. (pghouse.info)
    I was part of the implementation team, so I can answer all of your 
technical questions.

    If you're sold, there are some marital harmony items too...

    It has a very efficient newly updated kitchen w/ brand new stainless 
appliances and granite counters. (Lots of cupboard space!)
    It has new carpet and the wood floors are recently refinished.
    It has a central vacuum with built in dustpans in the kitchen and 
    The Master bedroom is HUGE and has a view of the valley.
    It has an upstairs laundry with both gas and electric.
    It has four bedrooms upstairs and two bedrooms in the basement.
    The basement ~could~ be a mother-in-law apartment, teen suite, or 
guest suite.
    The master has a very large closet and a full bath with separate 
jetted tub and shower. (Since everyone asks, the tub does fit two people 
- helpful after multi-day coding sessions)
    It has a separate living room which is good for those visits on the 
last Sunday of the month.
    It has about 3300 square feet of living space
    It has a big yard, with a stream on the side under old growth trees.
    It has mature fruit trees.
    It is near walking trails.
    It is on a quiet cul-de-sac.

    You can get more information at http://www.pghouse.info.  If it 
looks good, you'll probably will want to bring the domestic unit by to 
see it.  For that you'll need to ping Shari Dixon, as she's helping me 
sell it - her phone number is  801-369-8225.  We're already relocated, 
so we're motivated.  :) (Did I mention that we're considering all offers?) 

    If you have any other questions or flames, please do it off the list 
as I already feel bad for posting mostly off-topic.  If you want to 
publicly humiliate me, I guess that's hard to do off list, but please 
keep it to a minimum. :) 



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