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Sun Jun 29 07:11:42 MDT 2008

On Sat, Jun 28, 2008 at 09:01:14PM -0600, Garth Hill wrote:
>> Of course, if you really want quiet,
> I recently built a dev box using a Shuttle barebones.  It has more guts  
> than the Fit PC and claims 35w idle / 55w load.  The Fit claims  
> 3-5w--does that seem reasonable to you?

Yes, since that's what I measure their power draw at. 5 watts while
the hard drive is active, 3 when it is inactive and the machine

> I put a Western Digital GP (Green) drive in it, and that hd alone
> uses like 5-6w in idle.  

Without doing any research, that sounds like a 3.5" drive. After
looking at the URL below, I see it is a 3.5" drive.

One of my fit-PCs indidcates:

[   38.396542] hda: Hitachi HTS541660J9AT00, ATA DISK drive

I'll let you google on that to dig up the stats. It's a 2.5" drive. I
don't quite see a 3.5" drive fitting into the fit-PC case.

> That being said, that Fit seems nice at
> $300.

Very nice. I have two in service, one as a firewall/router, the other
providing other network services. I wouldn't use it as a dev box. I
might use it as a smart terminal or web browsing box, though. I'm
thinking about fitting one out with a power supply and display for a

> Shuttle K4500:
> Western Digital GP:


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