Looking for a Web application to test CPU

Dave Smith dave at thesmithfam.org
Sat Jun 28 22:44:07 MDT 2008

Nathan Blackham wrote:
> I am doing my thesis on power comparison in CPU's and I am looking for a web
> application that does a lot of CPU usage.  The key is that is has to be a
> standard app that a business might use.  I have thought about a possible CMS
> package, but I am not sure what to use so I am soliciting advice.
> The test is going to be using Siege to throw a whole bunch of web requests
> at the machine and see how the CPU holds up.

No webapps come to mind as being CPU intensive. I think if you plan to 
throw lots of simulated users at it, any webapp will be CPU intensive 
(though CPU is probably not your bottleneck in these situations).

If it counts, DansGuardian does pretty CPU intensive stuff when it 
checks pages for naughty content. It's not a webapp in the sense you're 
probably looking for, but it may fit the bill


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