Computer case recommendations

Shane Hathaway shane at
Sat Jun 28 15:44:41 MDT 2008

Matt Nelson wrote:
> I have a computer case that is made of Plexiglas.  Well the corner of it
> cracked and now there is a gaping hole that my boy thinks is fun to throw
> golf balls into.  I need to get a new case and thought I would mail the list
> and see if any of you have a good recommendation of a decent case.  Since I
> plan on purchasing one please provide links, or at least enough information
> to find the case to purchase.

I think the Antec Sonata line strikes a great balance.  It's sturdy 
enough and quiet enough, it provides adequate cooling, it looks good 
without calling attention to itself, the price is fair, and the bundled 
power supply is good.  I've built two computers with Sonatas and the 
owners are both quite happy.


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