OT - I don't _hate_ McMansions

Levi Pearson levi at cold.org
Sat Jun 28 00:03:51 MDT 2008

Von Fugal <von at fugal.net> writes:
> You are assuming that minimal government would not work.

I am saying that under the kind of government you propose, we would
be, in general, worse off in the long run than with the general kind
we have now (so long as we stop the warmongering, at least).  I don't
have proof of this, of course, but I've mentioned evidence elsewhere.

> So steer my ship, levi. I don't mind being corrected with facts and
> figures. Your logic is at least as opinion based as mine. I don't say
> you are in another world.

Well, I'm talking about the government we currently have, and I've
talked about the taxes I currently pay and how our current tax system
works.  You're talking about some hypothetical government that doesn't
currently exist and which you claim would be much better than our
current one.  You're attempting to convince everyone that we should
all support change towards your ideal government.  On which of us does
the burden of proof and evidence lie?


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