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Andy Bradford amb-plug at bradfords.org
Fri Jun 27 23:19:05 MDT 2008

Thus said Levi Pearson on Fri, 27 Jun 2008 22:32:47 MDT:

> Your  idea  about   'proper  government  roles'  is   too  narrow  and
> short-sighted.

And yours is broad and enlightened of course...

> I'm  sure you  understand this,  I  just want  to make  it clear  that
> liberty is necessarily limited by  government even as it is protected,
> but  that the  government receives  the right  to restrict  liberty by
> contract with the people.

Free  and  unfree  are  not  opposite extremes  with  the  virtue  being
somewhere in the middle. No more  than murder and nonmurder are extremes
with near death due to beating the virtue.

>  We  live in  very  different  times from  when  our constitution  was
> conceived, and it's a testament to the foresight and compromise of the
> framers that our government has been flexible enough to meet the needs
> of a far more complex world than they lived in.

What exactly is  different really? So we are more  properous. So we have
more  technology. Because  we progress  in  many areas  suddenly man  is
different? Have we not the same vices,  and virtues? To me it seems that
nothing has  changed. There  is still government,  which seeks  to usurp
power, and there are hard working  people just trying to make it through
life.  There is  sill love,  there is  still hate.  There is  murder and
mercy. Nothing  has changed. What exactly  do you think is  so different
that it requires me to give up more of my liberties than they did?

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